PPPE-220 | "What are you going to do by wooing such an old woman?" Reika Takeda's part-time job affair with age difference that made a big-breasted housewife crazy about big dicks

PPPE-220 |
Label: OPPAI
Studio: OPPAI

Reika's relationship deteriorated because her husband was laid off, and she started working part-time because she couldn't make ends meet. She had a hard time getting used to work because she had been a housewife until now, but a young man named Jin, who is younger than her, gradually brought them closer together...One day, they held a welcome party. When Reika opens it, Jin invites her for a drink. Her girlfriend, Reika, who has had stiff shoulders for a long time, is good at massaging, so she asks him to come to her house.Her girlfriend, Jin, asks her to come to his house.Partly because alcohol was involved, she can't refuse, so she goes to a younger man who lives alone. I will start at my home...


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