SONE-033 | "It's good to take a bath with your father!" Too stimulating close bath time with a spoiled stepchild who has matured into an adult only with breasts Yuuri Adachi

SONE-033 |
Director: Hide Monk
Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

Yuuri, the stepchild of his second marriage, is too spoiled. She says, ``Take a bath!'' For some reason, she doesn't like taking baths. The story begins when she usually comes with her mother, but her mother is away for a period of time... "I'm scared of baths, so I'm going to take a bath with my dad!" When Yuuri reluctantly takes a bath at her age, she can't take a bath by herself, and she starts playing tricks on her! When I looked at Yuuri to shake it off, I saw that her breasts had grown nicely and were jiggling! Although she manages to maintain her rationality, her body obediently becomes erect, and Yuuri also becomes interested in the penis... An ambitious work that also includes a super rare shampoo scene!


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