EBWH-003 | "Uncle, If You Make Me Squid, Make Me Feel Good Again." I Want To Have A Squid Confrontation With A Sweet Sadori Big Tits Kanau Arisu

EBWH-003 |
Label: E-BODY
Director: Samoari
Studio: E-BODY

Height, voice, looks are all loli, but E-BODY exclusive Arisu-chan, who has been nutritious only in her chest, lifts the ban on vaginal cum shot & first challenge as a slut! This time, uncles who are desperately trying to make Arisu feel good. A price exchange plan in which Arisu-chan raises an erotic reward due to her pleasantness. Even though it's a reward just to lick such a cute girl, it's too great to be nui if you make her squid!


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